By desire, not reason, I am impelled. A sense of modesty protests it is true. Love, however, Conquers.


Sometimes we must Act Contrary to our Nature to Accomplish the Greater Good. It is your Destiny to take your place in the Family Dynasty. I'm simply facilitating that.


He's a Seditionist! He would flout the Laws of our Fathers and Corrupt the Minds of the Youth! We will make an example of him for all, including those present, to see.

-King Herod

Jesus surely you're aware that a religious figure is also a Poitical Figure. Why, just ask John the Baptist, his head should be floating around here somewhere.


My Love, this is how the Story Ends. We must Surrender to Win. But do not Despair, my Mary, or make of yourself Two Hearts. With Desire, I have Desired to eat Passover With You before I Suffer. For I say Unto You All, I Will Not Eat Anymore until it be Fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.


Holy Whores SuperCut 2hr 34min

the  Secret  Life  of  Mary  Magdalene

the Secret Life of Mary Magdalene Merch​

Pagan priestesses unveil a web of intrigue and betrayal in this Apocryphal rock re-telling of The Passion of Christ.

Let me behold thee! Skyclad and longing for me...Calling upon my name. Receive thy cup- Joy upon Joy! We shall conquer Death and Hell together! For I am the Bride appointed.


Magdalene- these loves I do pledge. For I am thy bridegroom, hungry for the nuptial feast.



The dysfunctional relationships, marriages, and political machinations of two dynastic families shape Jesus' final days in this female-centric apocryphal rock musical about the Bible's bad girls,  Mary Magdalene and Salome  Herodias, and the guitar-playing messiah they follow.

I am not unmindful that the King's Honor loveth Judgement. But Immense Love does not wait upon Judgement. It is not restrained by Counsel. It is not checked by a false sense of Modesty. And it is subject to Reason.


Holy Whores and Heretics

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