Holy Whores and Heretics

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By desire, not reason, I am impelled. A sense of modesty protests it is true. Love, however, Conquers.


Magdalene- these loves I do pledge. For I am thy bridegroom, hungry for the nuptial feast.



The dysfunctional relationships, marriages, and political machinations of two dynastic families shape Jesus' final days in this female-centric apocryphal rock musical about the Bible's bad girls,  Mary Magdalene and Salome  Herodias, and the guitar-playing messiah they follow.

Let me behold thee! Skyclad and longing for me...Calling upon my name. Receive thy cup- Joy upon Joy! We shall conquer Death and Hell together! For I am the Bride appointed.


I am not unmindful that the King's Honor loveth Judgement. But Immense Love does not wait upon Judgement. It is not restrained by Counsel. It is not checked by a false sense of Modesty. And it is subject to Reason.


the Secret Life of Mary Magdalene Merch​

Pagan priestesses unveil a web of intrigue and betrayal in this Apocryphal rock re-telling of The Passion of Christ.

the Secret Life of Mary Magdalene